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executive physicals

Improving the Health of Area Businesses

Deaconess offers executive physicals to benefit individual business professionals and executive groups. This comprehensive program focuses on early detection of disease and identification of health behaviors that increase the risk of developing health problems. Using an individualized approach, our professionals help executives implement healthful behaviors that fit their lifestyle. Deaconess is improving the health of area businesses one person at a time.

Discover the Benefits of Health
The benefits of good health are numerous. Individuals enjoy increased energy, greater resistance to sickness and injury, and a dramatic improvement in overall quality of life.

Businesses also benefit when they contribute to the health of their executives. After all, a company's leaders have the greatest impact on its success, and healthy leaders are better prepared to perform physically and mentally. Moreover, if health problems force even a temporary absence of a key employee, a company can suffer greatly.

Let Deaconess help. To learn more about Executive Physicals for yourself or your organization, review our Program Overview. To schedule an appointment and complete pre-visit forms, go to Preparing for a Visit.

To learn more about Executive Physicals, please contact Terry Swartz by phone 812/450-7462 or e-mail.

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